wine descriptions

Words to describe a wine. A fruity wine, with plenty of pleasing fruit flavors, will have certain sweetness and be generally appealing. Particular fruits can be identified: aroma or flavor of apples, berries, citrus, currants, pears, etc. A heavy sensation in the mouth is one sign of a wine described as full.

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So, for example, the student must first note and describe the color, then the aroma, then the flavor, and structure of the.

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Wines are considered light, medium, or full-bodied. Bold s a wine that almost comes out of the bottle on its own, strong, very distinct aroma and flavor, easy to make out its different components. A wine has bouquet if it is complex of aromas, usually from aging. Buttery is a smell and taste that comes often to wines matured in oak barrels.

There are many types of wine or wine styles which are produced throughout the world. While most people know the difference between basic red and white wine types, the other various styles can get a bit confusing. This section is meant to be an introduction to wine types you may encounter.

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Popular dessert wines/fortified wines: Port, Madeira, Vermouth, Sherry, Marsala. Sparkling wine is wine that has significant carbonation, which can occur as a natural part of the fermentation process or via carbon dioxide injection after fermentation. When reading sparkling wine labels, you’ll also encounter terms that indicate its sweetness/dryness.

 · The True Meaning Behind 20+ Common Wine Descriptions. Summoning the right words to describe flavors and aromas isn’t easy, and most of us rely on a critic’s review or tasting notes on the label to better understand what to expect in a wine. The thing is, tasting notes often include some overblown language that may leave you scratching your.