vidal blanc wine

Vidal Blanc, a cross between Ugni blanc and Rayon d’Or, is a hardy, thick-skinned grape that thrives in even the coldest wine-growing regions (a surprisingly helpful quality in Virginia’s varied climate).

This example of Vidal Blanc showcases what a hybrid grape can do. It is a cross of the Vitis vinifera grape Ugni Blanc and the hybrid Rayon d’Or. It is thick skinned which protects it in humid years, but it also has the flavor profile of a traditional European wine grape. The fruit this wine was produced from was grown close by in Stuart.

The wine-tasting menu offers a selection of their wines including the Angel Rosé made from 80% Vidal Blanc and 20% Zinfandel – a seasonal favorite. The Solstice White is their signature un-oaked.

100% Vidal Blanc grapes hand harvested in mid October. Grapes were lightly crushed before pressing. Juice fermented in stainless steel tank. Finished medium-dry by preserving some of the natural sugar in the grapes. No malolactic fermentation and no oak barrel aging. Filtered and bottled March 2018. 216 cases produced. Alc. 12.5% By Vol. / 750mL

This wine is often used for the production of Icewine in Ontario. Vidal, also known as Vidal Blanc, was developed in the 1930’s by French grape breeder Jean Louis Vidal. It was brought to Canada in the late 1940’s because of its ability to survive harsh growing conditions. It is a white hybrid grape variety used to produce white wine.

Vidal Blanc, or Vidal (Ugni Blanc x Rayon D’Or), is a white grape variety that belongs to the group of highly productive hybrids that tend to overcrop, which results in reduced growth and lower fruit and wine quality. Vidal’s propensity to overcrop has been attributed to its high bud fruitfulness and large clusters.

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Vidal Blanc). Wagner Vineyards (Lodi) – Just in time to celebrate the winery’s 40th anniversary this year, the Wagner Estate-Grown 2017 dry riesling has been named “Best White Wine” in New York.

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Vidal Blanc is a popular grape here in New England as well as upstate New York and Ontario. Winemaking. The grapes are whole cluster pressed and the juice is settled overnight. The wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks with Lalvin 71B yeast to accentuate the fruit and reduce the acidity.