pair wines with food

To get the wines that match with the most dishes, you’ll have to go to the middle of said spectrum, where you‘ll find wines like Sparkling and Medium Reds. Sparkling wine is good with salmon, vegetables, pizza, while medium reds are a good match for a menu based on steak, ham, lasagna, and other meats & cured meats.

Try to avoid any wine and food pairing that will require the perfect wine serving temperature, when you are out in the elements anything might happen. Picnics can be highly varied in style and taste, so to cover most bases we recommend a light red wine such as a Pinot Noir, or a deeper Ros wine which can match meats, seafood, and sandwiches.

Malbec, Rioja, Chianti, Gewrztraminer, Shiraz, etc., are some other wines that you can try out with Mexican food. Overall, just remember that whites pair well with citrus, herbs, tomatillo and epazote, while reds go well with dried chili sauces. Prepare your favorite Mexican dish and try different wines with it; find out which one pairs best.

JOHANNESBURG – There is no mystery to pairing food and wine, but the kingship between the two holds the key to many gastronomic pleasures. The more you allow yourself to experiment with flavour, the.

Learn to Match Wine and Food White wines tend to pair better with lighter foods such as green veggies and fish. Keep clear of red wine and fish, for the most part, unless it’s a rich not-so-fishy fish. sparkling wine pairs with a wide variety of foods because it acts as a palate cleanser.

Zinfandel is a fantastic food wine though, and pairs well with many typically American foods. Zinfandel Food Pairing Suggestions. Look for the following types of food pairings when enjoying a Zinfandel: Grilled Steak Beef is a natural food pairing for Zinfandel.

This sparkling wine and food pairing guide will teach you the best sparkling wine pairings for your dishes. brut sparkling wine and Clams, Oysters, and Shellfish Dishes Brut is a form of sparkling wine and/or champagne that is known for being dry.

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